Serverless Zero-Footprint Anywhere


Using a secure connection, the viewer retrieves medical images from any cloud medical imaging server. It supports saving & restoring Measurements and Centerlines into DICOM SR and segmentation into DICOM Segmentation objects. (It can also read data from the local machine) enabling working with diagnostic-quality images with the performance of a workstation.


Applying the latest web technologies, the viewer runs completely inside the browser without any installation and offers full-fidelity, multi-modality diagnostic reading with a full range of 2D and 3D viewing capabilities. It includes many measurement tools and dedicated clinical workflows with semi-automated tools. It runs on any platform and has a dedicated mobile web Interface.


The viewer can read results of an external AI algorithm or its own saved result in a DICOM SEG/SR format and also support many manual and automatic tools to define and edit segmentation, lesions, vessel centerline and lumen, colon centerline, and more, using Tensorflow.js and other front end dedicated algorithms to enable fast and intuitive diagnosis.