Drive Safe

  • Each of your medical image exams should be saved in its own Google Drive folder, just like any other important documents.
  • Use the ‘Open With’ option on your Google Drive folder to view your medical image exams in full diagnostic quality with RadRobin Advanced Viewer.
  • Share your exam folder with your doctors. They can view your images right from the shared Google Drive folder or from a link that you can send them.

How it works


Upload each of your medical images (DICOM files) into a dedicated folder on your Google Drive. Give it a meaningful name so you will remember it in the future when you need it.


First, add RadRobin Viewer to the 'open with’ option of your Google Drive folder. To view your exam, right-click the exam folder, place your cursor over ‘open with’, choose RadRobin Dicom Viewer, and it will be opened with the exam images.


To share your exam, you have to share it using Google Drive's sharing mechanism. Then you open the exam from your drive in your browser and share this webpage with others.